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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Elephant Sanctuary, Kuala Gandah Tour On 31 Dec 2012

Happy New Year,

These are my notes during  tour  with Mr. Bichara family from Abu Dhabi to the Elephant Sanctuary, Kuala Gandah Pahang.

31 Dec 2012 : 10am

Departure from Swiss Inn Hotel in Chinatown to Kuala Gandah. We stopped at the Batu Caves to refill gas and buy food in about 15 minutes and continued on without stopping.

31 Dec 2012 : 11:45am

Weather drizzly rain falling, we safely arrived in Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary and check in at the management office at the entrance.

Admission is free, it is up to visitors to donate or not.

Visitors will be given stickers to stick on their shirts during their stay in the area.

31 Dec 2012 : 12noon

Visiting areas are opened. Tours and elephant feeding can be done at this time.

Food for the baby elephant are sells here:

Bananas: RM5
Cane: RM3

Jungle trekking activities can also be done but we need to get the ranger service. You are advise not to walk in the forest without supervised by the rangers.

Still raining.

31 Dec 2012 : 2pm

Thank God, the rain had started to stop ...

Mother elephants were brought out to the area & bathed by the employee.

Introduction with the mother elephants activity being held, continue with feeding the elephants.

31 Dec 2012 : 2:30pm

Bathing with baby elephant is being held at the river nearby.

Visitors are required to get an orange colored stickers in the office before they can participate in this activity.

Only 100 people are only tolerated bath with baby elephant in one day.

8 to 10 people will be allowed to take a shower together in one session, it will take in 5 minutes per session.

31 Dec 2012 : 3:15pm

Bathing with baby elephant ended.

Activity feed a baby elephant & jungle tracking can still continue until 4:45 pm

31 Dec 2012 : 3:20pm

We head back to Kuala Lumpur without stopping.

31 Dec 2012 : 5pm

We safely arrived at Hotel Swiss Inn Chinatown.

For more info about the tour package : Click Here

Sample Picture Taken On That Day

Entrance Sticker 

Feed Baby Elephant

Walking To Elephant Trail

Elephant Trail Entrance

Visiting Hours

Bathing Mother Elephant


Feed Mother Elephant

Feed Mother Elephant

Q To Bathing Baby Elephant

Bathing Baby Elephant

Bathing Baby Elephant

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