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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cameron Highlands Tour On Saturday 8 September

Salam ..

Today I want to wrote about my travel with Pakistan family that stay in Dhubai having vacation in Malaysia. From this journal u can budget / plan your time if u want to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands for a day tour.

I arrived at Istana Hotel to pick up Taj Muhammed family. Pick up them to Cameron Highlands. Along the way to the plaza tol I stopped by at King Palace to show them the most beautiful Palace in Kuala Lumpur to complete their tour in Malaysia.

Arrived at King Palace, they took few family picture there and we start our journey to Cameron Highlands at 0934 from King Palace.

We exit the highway at plaza tol Simpang Pulai to refill NGV and take a short rest before we continue our journey to climb the hills.

We arrived at our 1st destination, Cameron Valley Tea House @ Kuala Terla. Drinks a cup of tea and take picture of the tea plantation. Its green and huge .. hehe

sample picture of Cameron Valley Tea House from http://www.holidaycameron.com

Arrived and our 2nd destination, EE Feng Gu Bee Farm. We just saw the bee farm from upper level only and scared to enter. We look at the bee products and i buy a lot of "pucuk labu" vegetables because my wife asked and its very cheap. She and her friends said pucuk labu at cameron highlands tastier than others. Taj Muhammed family just buy candies and local made chocolates.

sample picture of EE Feng Gu Bee Farm from http://www.holidaycameron.com

This is normal guava, they put some flavor on it. Green taste Guava + Apple & Red taste Guava + Strawberry.

sample picture of Guava from http://ciksufi.blogspot.com

Continue our journey to Butterfly Garden next to bee farm. Not just butterfly you can find inside ... got a lot of insect that i also dont know to call / spell. I've been there before so, I just wait for them outside.

sample picture of beetle from http://www.mark-ju.net

We arrived at EQ Strawberry Park. They experienced how to pluck the strawberries and they can choose fresh and big strawberries. The terms to pluck your own strawberry is 
Min : RM25 for Half Kilogram
Max : 3 Person
If you to enter more than 3 people, u have to buy more kilos.
After they finish pluck their strawberries, I took them to the Cameron Highlands Market where they can buy cheap strawberries, vegetables, souvenir, fruits, flowers and many more. I also buy more than 2 kilos strawberries for rm30 only. Hehe.

sample picture at EQ Strawberry Park from http://ls-lushia.blogspot.com

I took them to Big Red Strawberry Farm. In here they can taste a lot of strawberry products and it has cafe and nice view strawberry garden. Not just strawberry, u also can buy fresh salads and cactus for souvenir. This is the best place to taste the strawberry chocolate with strawberry milk shake.

sample picture of Big Red Strawberry Park from http://j-travel.blogspot.com/

sample picture of Big Red Strawberry Park from http://www.cameron-highland-destination.com

We depart from Cameron Highlands straight to Kuala Lumpur without visiting the flower garden because all of them are tired and sleepy.

Thanks to Allah, our journey are completely safe and we arrived at Istana Hotel at 2100.

I hope they are having fun with me during the trip as their tour guide. 

If you interested to travel with me please do not hesitate to contact me for booking and charges. 

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