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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tourism Malaysia : Trip To Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is one of tourist destination in Malaysia. CH is located at Banjaran Titiwangsa, Pahang. From Kuala Lumpur may take average 2 hours 30 minutes if using a route from Tapah and 3 hours if using the Simpang Pulai route. Difference in distance between the junction Tapah & Simpang Pulai in approximately 50 KM. Many use Simpang Pulai route as the way a broader and more secure than Tapah.

There are several place in the CH, but here I just want to wrote about the two places I am satisfied and you should visit. It is Tanah Rata & Brinchang.

Tanah Rata

Its like a city in CH. Food and accommodation is easy. But you are not recommended to shop here because the price is slightly expensive.


It is the best location for you to stay. It has a lot of shop and places you can visit, such as Strawberry Farm, Bee Farm, Butterfly Park, Night Market, Vegetables & Fruits Market. Most strategic hotel is Equatorial Hotel.

Many have said shopping at night markets are the best, but for me its quite expensive at CH night market if you want to buy souvenirs and etc. If you want to buy food for dinner is no problem because it is worth it.

Halal food is not difficult to find here, fast food like KFC & Marrybrown are here. The most popular food at night is a steamboat. There are many stores that offer that kind of food.

Bharat tea house is also available for you to taste the pleasures of fresh tea, but the price is quite excessive. Imagine a glass of ice tea is priced at RM4.50, super crazy expensive.

Dont eat at Orchid Food Corner because the food are super damm simple and you are going to waste your money in here.

Poor Food To Eat

Overall, CH is an interesting place to buy strawberry & vegetable because it is cheap and fresh that you will not get in KL.

View From Heritage Hotel CH

Strawberry Park

Strawberry Chocolate Time

Bee Farm

Butterfly Park

Heritage Hotel Car Park

Strawberry Heaven 

Bharat Tea House

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