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Friday, 27 April 2012

Why Do You Need To Pay Xtra RM10 For Booking With kltaxidriver.com

Many people asking why & some people dont bother to ask & few people understand why kltaxidriver.com charge RM10 xtra for every booking made per trip.

For your info, budget taxi fare by meter per hour are almost RM20. Once you make a booking and we confirm to send a taxi for you, meaning you dont need to worry anymore about your transportation because we already arrange for you on the time you requested.

To ensure that we arrive on time, we need to take at least 1 hour to standby or on the way to a place that u request to pick you up. Between that hour, we cant pick any passenger / accept any call from radio anymore because we dont want to be late and traffic are unpredictable. So, if your travelling distance around 10km maybe the meter charges is around RM10 - RM13 include call charge. If we didnt charge the booking fees, its like we are throwing our 1 hour time just to earn RM10 - RM13 from you even we can make more within that 1 hour time.

You can also call a radio taxi, some company only charge RM2 for on call even u booked earlier, some company also charge RM10 for booking a taxi. The different between you make a booking with us & company :

1- You call us to make a booking
2- You agree with the terms & charges
3- We arrange a cab for you
4- We call u back to confirm that there is a taxi coming or not within 15 minutes when u call us
5- You dont need to worry and just wait for the driver coming and call you when hes arrive if your booking is confirmed.

Radio Taxi Company
1- You call the operator 1 hours earlier
2- 15 minute before the time you want a taxi, they will announce in the radio
3- If got taxi response, the operator will call you back to inform how many minutes the driver need to arrive at your place.

For those that used to call radio taxi company, they will know that it will be difficult to get a cab during peak hour ( morning & evening ). If you got urgent matter / flight need to catch and your booking is not confirm, what will you do if the operator call you and said there is no taxi around ???

If you still not satisfied with the above explanation, feel free to leave a comment here. Thanks   

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