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Monday, 3 October 2011

Budget Taxi Fare In Kuala Lumpur

Starting from the 1st August 2009, the government already approved to increased the taxi fare in KL.

All taxi that already changed to new taxi fare must go to Puspakom to do inspection and Puspakom will put security tagged at the meter so that the meter could not be modified by the taxi driver.

For all KL Taxi user, please don't feel been cheated if u seen the meter has the white tagged with "P" logo on it. If u guys say the meter is fast, yes it is especially when traffic jam.

So, please don't take taxi if u really could not accept the new taxi fare

Below are the Taxi Fare In KL


First 1km - RM2
First 2Minutes - RM2

Every 150Meter - RM0.10

Every 45Seconds - RM0.10 

1 August 2009

First 1km - RM3
First 3Minutes - RM3

Every 115Meter - RM0.10
Every 21Seconds - RM0.10

p/s - if the taxi moving, the meter will calculate by distance and if the taxi stop, the meter will calculate by time and it will auto accumulate.

RM12 extras will be charge for go to airport

RM2 will be charge for all call by phone / radio.

50% extra will be charge on midnight ( 12midnight to 6am ) and it will auto calculate by the meter. 

Please Note :

RM1 for using taxi boot / trunk will not be charge anymore
RM0.30 ( 3 person ), RM0.40 ( 4 person ) will not be charge anymore for extra passenger.

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